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Welcome to WhatDiscountCode.co.uk, your easy-to-use one-stop-shop for all the latest discounts from UK online retailers. Using the codes and special offers shown here you can save hundreds of pounds on your shopping and never have to pay the full price for anything again.

What are discount codes?

Online shopping is rapidly growing as people realise how much easier it is to shop with a few clicks of the mouse then wait for the postman, instead of traipsing into town, finding a parking spot, dealing with the sour-faced cashier and the hordes of other shoppers. With online shopping you can be safely at home with the TV on, a cup of tea, and the added advantage of the extra cheap online prices online shopping gives.

But cheap as online prices can be, with many sites there are secret money-off discounts you can use to save even more money. Although some are exclusive for use only by certain people (staff members etc.), many are intended for general use, for those in the know who visit sites like WhatDiscountCode.co.uk.

If you find a code for the store you are buying from here, you can use it to get a bit more off the top, and a rock-bottom price you could never find on the high street.

We try to carry deals and offers for all the big names, so if you're looking for Argos discounts, Sainsbury's coupon deals, Comet discount savings or money off Marks & Spencer, WhatDiscountCode.co.uk is the site to bookmark.

So how can I save money with discount voucher codes?

Using discount voucher codes couldn't be simpler. When you choose a code to see on our site we will show you a secret discount code which you can then copy to use later. We'll open up the retailer's website in another window, so you can easily make your purchase without losing the code. When you are ready to check-out, look for the box to enter a promotional code, discount code or voucher, and then enter the code you found on this site.

Many shops will then recalculate the total with the discount and you will find your final bill considerably cheaper. If you find a code doesn't work or you don't get any money off, do let us know by emailing info@whatdiscountcode.co.uk or give it a thumbs down on the code page. Assuming all went well, you should save a bit of dosh and have a considerably cooler credit card bill at the end of the month!

I have a code to share, do you want it?

Absolutely! The WhatDiscountCode.co.uk community will only grow as people share codes with each other. You can easily use the Share A Deal box on the right hand side of many pages or email the deal to info@whatdiscountcode.co.uk and we'll confirm the deal works OK then add it to the site.

If you're a merchant or retailer and see we're showing a deal or voucher code you're not currently offering, please let us know. We try to keep up-to-date and accurate so this should be a rare occurence, but if you spot something that doesn't work, let us know.